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The BOLD Combo - Pack of 4 for Her

The BOLD Combo - Pack of 4 for Her

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Product Description

This package has a proper combo for bold women out there - This package has a proper combo for bold women out there. Consists of 4 bottles of inspos of the following:

The Good Girl: Sweet florals with a spicy kick, perfect for a night out.

BL4CK Opium: Warm coffee and vanilla with a mysterious twist.

Her by you know who: Fruity and floral, like a walk through a berry orchard.

Cloud: Sweet cotton candy and vanilla, like a cozy blanket of comfort.

Scent Notes:
Sweet, Vanilla, Oriental

Scent Performance:

At Least 6-7 Hours on clothes, 2 to 3 hours on skin. 1 to 2 feet projection.

This product is not fulfilled by DEFCLO but is a marketplace product. Products may not be in stock at all times.  We are currently running a beta testing on this program. The delivery and return terms and conditions are different to these products than it is to DEFCLO's own products. You will see the Terms and Conditions of these products mentioned below.

Delivery Terms and Conditions:
NO RETURNS after delivery
EXCHANGES Allowed within 24 hours
Inside Dhaka delivery - 1 to 3 days
Outside Dhaka delivery - 3-5 days
No Same day delivery
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