Why Us? Our Unique Services



Limited Quantity

Fashion is a form of expression. It should show your individuality. The one thing that shouldn’t happen is for everyone to end up wearing the same thing. Which is why all our clothes are of limited quantity, making sure you look like your unique self.


Trial During Delivery

Politely ask the delivery person to wait for you to trial the clothes. We have instructed them to allow customers to check before paying but it’s always best to politely ask as they have many deliveries to make in the day. If you are unsatisfied with what you received, simply put it back inside the bag and refuse delivery.


Free Size Alter

If we do not have your perfect size and would like it altered, don’t be afraid to ask but please understand not all clothes can be altered. Altering some clothes can ruin the shape and style and we would refuse to do so in these situations. When altering clothes, we will ask for the payment to be made in advance. Contact Us immediate after your purchase to take on this service.


Free Repair, Button and Zipper replacement

If there are any rips, tears, damaged buttons or zippers within the first month, contact us and we will help you sort it out. Some clothes might be irreparable, and/or the materials might be unavailable and in those cases we will help you with a solution to the best of our ability.


Size Guide & Measurements

Each brand has their own unique sizing. While we try to respect the general sizing, it is best to always check the size guide before ordering. Our size guide consists of everything you may need. If you have any confusion with sizes, we have also provided a video tutorial on how to measure before ordering or simply just ask us and we can help you decide.

For your first order we will be providing you with a measuring tape so that you able to measure yourself just to be sure before ordering. 


Styling help from the Designers themselves

If you are looking for any styling assistance from the Brand designer then just contact us and we will schedule you in.


Return the Bag

If the bag is of no use to you then please dispose of it properly or return it back to us. Subject to condition, for every 10 bags you send back, you will receive 10% off on your next order. Contact us for more details.


Return after 7 days

People don’t like wearing the same clothes all the time and at times they get bored of wearing them so instead they are just lying around your closet somewhere never being worn. So instead send it back to us so that we can put the correct use of it. Subject to quality, we will give you up to 20% off on your next order. Contact us for more details.


Made in a Fully Compliant, Safe, licensed Factory

Bangladesh has a massive problem with clothing manufacturing. A lot of your favourite local brands make their clothes in the most horrific factories. These factories are placed in unsafe buildings, hiring child labours, without access to clean waters, without a fire exit and plainly just working in inhumane working conditions. Trust me when I tell you, I have been to these factories, it really breaks your heart seeing workers with such skills working under such dangerous conditions.

This is why we have partnered with PWF (projectworkforce.co.uk) to make sure all our clothes are manufactured ethically and in the best quality. To learn more visit https://defclo.com/pages/csr


EMI for Clothes

This is not a normal service. You can purchase our clothes using EMI. Meaning if you are looking to refresh your closet but are not looking to pay all together, then use our EMI service and pay in instalments. Refreshing your Wardrobe shouldn’t crush you or your wallet.