Retail & Fulfilment Partnership

Looking for an online space to sell your brand?

Get access to an online store and have an online presence without any investment in digital infrastructure and a quick time to market – the development of direct-to-consumer eCommerce can represent a significant Capital Expenditure investment for young or growing brands. The DEFCLO model negates the need for any such investment, offering an intuitive “plug & play” approach to selling your products online.

Access to a substantial, engaged audience of potential customers – for a young or growing brand, driving even a respectable level of traffic requires significant investment in media and marketing expertise. However, the DEFCLO network facilitates your access to thousands of engaged consumers. At DEFCLO, we will promote your brand on our Website, Facebook page, Instagram and Tiktok as per schedule, to the best  of our ability.



  • A website from which products can easily be purchased
  • Storage and fulfilment of products from DEFCLO Warehouse
  • Prompt update on Sales and stock at all times
  • Fast delivery to customers
  • Easy return and refund processing
  • Access to DEFCLO’s growing customer base
  • An online presence for your brand

DEFCLO will hold all stock of the clothes in their warehouse and take care of all other services including quality inspection, packaging, delivery and after sales services, among many more.


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