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Everyday, Dhaka generates 5,000 tonnes of rubbish which is dumped in the landfills, an area that could have accommodated 27,000 people. Waste-dumping has polluted the air, water and soil around us and causes health and environmental hazard. Indeed, this has been plaguing Dhaka city for far too long.

As a solution, GARBAGEMAN seeks to create a cleaner and greener Bangladesh by segregating waste-at-source, they recover organic waste, and recycles it into nutritious vermi-compost preventing waste from going to the landfills and stopping contamination of the environment. By recycling waste into reusable products, we seek to improve the socioeconomic stance of the system. Remember to reduce, reused & Recycle

"Clean up starts at home"
To combat the plastic waste problem, GARBAGEMAN organizes a city-wide collection drive of plastic waste. Regardless of which area you reside in, you too can join the campaign by donating your plastic containers so they don't end up on the landfill.

All you have to do is collect plastics! Collect and store whatever you can find from today till our next collection day. Every piece we gather will be kept away from the landfill!

If saving the environment is still not enough then simply follow the steps below to get 10% off on your future orders on selected products.


Contact GarbageMan and sign up with their collection program to get the benefit of using their promocode. 


1. You will only be eligible for the promo after your first successful collection from GarbageMan after filling up the form and registering through us.

2. Your promo will only be eligible as long as you continue with the collection service of GarbageMan.

3. Only eligible for Dhaka residents