Dama-Dami Week Terms and Conditions

What is the Dama-Dami Week? 

As Bangladeshis we love to bargain to get a good deal, which is why for the first time ever, DEFCLO is bringing you Dama-Dami Week where you will get to bargain the price for every single product we have for one whole week.


On each day we will be launching a set of products at 8pm, and you will be allowed to bargain for it for 24 hours for that specific set of products. Once the 24 hours are over, new set of products will be open for damadami, and the previous set will go back to its original price


Terms and Conditions:

  • Dama-Dami is allowed only in the Facebook messages and Instagram DM from Friday 24th May 2024 to Thursday 30th May 2024
  • You can suggest any price to start the dama-dami
  • You have 3 attempts to bargain
  • Products bought during Dama-Dami week will only be open for size exchanges, no returns are allowed
  • Please be respectful to our customer service provider
  • The terms and conditions are subject to change



Head to our Instagram account @defclo.com or our Facebook page DEFCLO and hop into the wild ride of Dama-Dami!